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  1. Nobel laureate tells how to beat his own award-winning imaging technique

    In the 1990s an optical imaging technique emerged that overturned the “diffraction limit”, which for over a century had defined the maximum achievable resolution an optical microscope could achieve at around half the wavelength of the illuminating light. At King’s College London’s Wheatstone…

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  2. Quantum light at the nanoscale

    Optical realisation of a quantum computer, secure quantum communications and imaging requires fast and reliable generation of single photons and their quantum superpositions. Future quantum optical sources should be small as they will need to be integrated into future photonics devices so that…

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  3. King’s hosts the 5th annual London Plasmonics Forum

    The Fifth London Plasmonics Forum was held at Kings College London on 14 June in the Anatomy Museum at the Strand Campus, this time as part of the London Tech Week.

    The event has been running since 2015, and it typically attracts approximately 100 participants from London, UK, Europe and beyond. It aims…

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  4. Photonic skyrmions discovered

    Skyrmions, ‘hedgehogs’ of electron spins, are well known in magnetic materials and were long considered for applications in spintronics and high-density data storage. However, electromagnetic waves also carry spin and orbital angular momenta. In a recent paper, the team of researchers from…

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  5. Womxn in Physics London 2019 Conference

    The WiP London 2019 Conference was inspired by the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWIP UK) organised by the University of Oxford. WiP London was first organised by a second year KCL undergraduate, Miho Wakai, having attended CUWIP UK last year. She took the initiative to carry forth

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  6. Winter Lights @ Canary Wharf

    With January seemingly lasting forever, London Light took a trip to see the Winter Lights at Canary Wharf to give a photonic boost to get us through to February.


    Photo of neon floating flower
















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  7. Biophysics showcase at Manchester Science Festival

    Academics from  the Department of Physics at King’s College London recently travelled north to take part at the Manchester Science Festival 2018 held at the historic 1830 Warehouse of the Science and Industry Museum.  The event was hosted by The Royal Society as part of the “Awesome animals…

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