Lighting Up 2021

Bring a spark of light to 2021! Share a short video about your passion for light.

We are seeking submissions of a 30-60s video clip to show a dimension of light that fascinates, intrigues or delights you. A streaming event to be held on 20 May 2021 with a panel of experts.

submit your clip here

A number of your submissions will be selected by a panel of experts for a special screening. This will open a public debate about the shared language of light on Thursday 20th of May at 4pm GMT. 

You can register to attend the panel event here

Hosted by Dr Shelley James our panelists include:

  • Paule Constable – Lighting Designer
  • Mark Major – Lighting designer
  • Kailas Elmer – Publisher, Trebuchet Magazine
  • Dr James Millen – Physicist King’s College London
  • Bob Mizon OBE – Astronomer and Co-ordinator of the Commission for Dark Skies
  •  Marianne Shillingford – Colour specialist and Creative Director of Dulux,



Image credit: Megan Grace-Hughes Artwork:Prismatica by RAW Design in collaboration with Atomic3


A couple of examples are below as a starting point – but we are looking forward to seeing your creative spark! If you include music or soundscape, please can you make sure that you have permission to use it, own the copywrite or that it is royalty free


submit your clip here

Submissions are now open. We will be showcasing the videos on our Instagram account over March and April.

Deadline for last submission 23rd April 2021.

And for more information, please contact us at

Video: Dr Diane Roth – from King’s College London – Music – Megan Grace
A metasurface emulates a 3D cube. It is lit from a fixed direction and is rotating in front of the light source. Unlike typical holograms , metasurfaces can reflect all colours and be viewed from any angle.


Researchers in the Levitated Nanophysics group at King’s College London use light to explore quantum rotations of a silicon nanorod, to explore the limits of quantum physics.

Many thanks to Nature Photonics for their support for this event.


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