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Speirs + Major-Third Age of Light-Aerial View
Pancras Square – James Newton

We are very sad to report that we are postponing the Age of Light due to COVID-19. Details will be updated on this page.







Light is the driving force of every living thing on earth, from plants to plankton and everything in between. Our physiology is defined by the cycle of night and day and our culture is infused with light as a metaphor for wisdom and clarity. While its opposite – darkness- is a universal symbol of mystery and evil. We have used light as a messenger from flaming torches to fibre optics and quantum computers. And this is just the beginning.

We are entering a new age of light with greater awareness of the impact of artificial light on ourselves and our environment and remarkable new materials and techniques to harness the power of this fascinating domain.

This unique one-day symposium brings together world-leading experts from science and the arts with a common passion for light.

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Over lunch, guests will be invited to a scientific poster session, to learn about the Commission for Dark Skies and interact with the  Third Age of Light VR installation by lighting design consultancy Spiers and Major.

We will conclude with drinks and networking.


Talks on the day will include

Professor Sir Michael Berry – Introduction: Images Illustrating the Physics of Light

Dr James Millen  – What is light?

Dr Alex Shepherd –  Light, context, context and what illusions reveal about the visual system

Professor Russell Foster –  Light and Circadian Rhythms

Professor Bob Mizon MBE – Night Light or Night Blight?

Professor Martin Kemp Light –  Divine and Material from Dante to Caravaggio

Dr Cliff Lauson – Light as a Sculptural Medium in Contemporary Art

Mark Major – Third Age of Light  Reflections on the Future of Urban Lighting

Paule Constable – Telling Stories with Light














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