Latest Past Events

All the Small Things – UK Nanoday

Imperial College London Exhibition Road, London

Get ready to groove with the molecules, because the first-ever UK Nanoday is here! Hosted by the London Centre for Nanotechnology on Friday, 8th September, this event is set to be a banger! You'll be riding sound and light waves, not at the beach, but at the nanoscale, bringing science and music together in a symphony... Read more »

L&M Seminar – Yeshaiahu (Shaya) Fainman – Nanoscale Light Emitters and their Dynamics

Friday, 8th September 2023, 12.00 Venue: S7.06 - King’s College London, Strand, London, WC2 2LS If you are external to King’s, please email to gain access to the building Yeshaiahu (Shaya) Fainman Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California San Diego Nanoscale Light Emitters and their Dynamics Abstract: We discuss nanoscale metal-dielectric-semiconductor resonant... Read more »

L&M Seminar – Alexandra Landsman – High harmonic generation at metal-insulator interfaces 

S7.06 Strand Campus King's College London, Strand, London

Tuesday, 5th of September and 14:00, S7.06  Alexandra Landsman, The Ohio State University High harmonic generation at metal-insulator interfaces Abstract:    We investigate the field-induced dielectric break-down at the Mott-insulator/metal interface using high harmonic generation, emitted when the interface is subjected to an ultrafast laser pulse. We show that the intensity of high harmonic emission correlates closely with... Read more »