London Light Seminar – Nader Engheta – 4D Metaphotonics

The London Institute of Advanced Light Technologies welcomed Professor Nader Engheta from the University of Pennsylvania to King’s College London on 8th December 2022 to give a London Light Seminar entitled 4D Metaphotonics. You can watch the lecture below:

In light-matter interaction the “space” and the “time” exhibit certain symmetry and duality.  While these variables in electromagnetics are mathematically analogous in many aspects, their roles in wave propagation in material media naturally have certain differences.  Exploring such space-time analogy in electromagnetic metamaterials provide exciting possibilities and new venues for controlling functionalities in light-matter interaction.  Four-dimensional (4D) metamaterials are wave-based, material-based platforms in which some of the material parameters can vary with time (i.e., temporal inhomogeneities) in addition to (or instead of) varying in space (i.e., spatial inhomogeneities).  Such 4D manipulation of waves in these structures lead to exciting wave phenomena. We have been investigating theoretically several scenarios for waves in such 4D metamaterials and have obtained various novel features that can provide potential applications in wave-based devices and components.  In this presentation, I will present some of our most recent results on these topics.