UK Nano Day

To mark the first UK Nano Day, the LCN is hosting an event on Friday, 9th September, at Imperial College London. As a nod to the last days of the Proms taking place in the neighbouring Royal Albert Hall, the event will celebrate the wonders of sound/light waves at the nanoscale. The annual event will showcase the wonders of nanoscience and how the world benefits from the tiny but mighty science.

Come along to hear from our inspiring researchers for a presentation and conversation about nano and its musical connections, and join in for hands-on exhibits, posters and more!

The event will run from 17.00-19.00 and will kick off the Nano celebrations in style!

Refreshments will be provided.

UK Nano Day will be an annual celebration featuring events and activities on or around 10th September to help raise awareness of nanotechnology.

This date, 10/9, pays homage to the nanometre scale, 10−9 metres.

It’s free to register:

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